Why eCigs May Be A Way For Many To Quit Smoking

While the public has long been aware of the extreme dangers of smoking, and secondhand smoke, a huge portion of the population has found quitting smoking to be extremely difficult. There are many addictive qualities to smoking, including the nicotine and other ingredients, but also there is a psychological addiction to holding the cigarette and smoking it as well. Because of all these variables included in the smoking addiction, many companies have invented different types of smoking cessation instruments over the years. Everything from patches, gum, pills, hypnotism, and many other products have been tried, a few with success, but many people still smoke and want to quit.

Ecigs, also known as electronic cigarettes, are one of the newest players in the quit smoking game. They do satisfy some of the psychological addictions, to hold something, light something, and smoke something, inhalation and all. Plus, they can be loaded with nicotine containing ingredients to satisfy one of the most powerful urges to smoke. Meanwhile, because eCigs don’t contain many of the hundreds of dangerous tobacco components, they are much safer than actually smoking a real cigarette. In addition, the amount of nicotine contained in eCigs can be reduced, slowly over time down to zero, in order to break that habit as well.

One major advantage that the eCig has over the nicotine patches and gum, is that the nicotine hit that comes from inhaling the eCig fumes is nearly immediate, whereas the gum and patch take quite a bit of time to take effect. When this advantage is combined with the ability to hold the eCig in your hand and complete all the inhalation, exhalation, and blowing of smoke, the eCig tends to win out, as far as a quit smoking device.

Finally, eliquid win out in a big way when it comes to price, versus tobacco cigarettes. If a person decides to mix their own juices, savings can be quite substantial, but even if one buys the ready to use nicotine cartridges, the savings are still quite good. If you’ve tried many different methods to quit smoking, and ended up being unsuccessful, but still want to try, then an eCig may be the answer for you.

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