Why E-Cigarettes Are Increasing In Popularity Daily

One of the biggest fads to hit the smoking industry ever, has been the e-cigarette, sometimes used as a method to quit smoking and other times as an alternative to regular tobacco. Electronic cigarettes have an incredible advantage over tobacco in that they come in hundreds of different flavors, that a user could mix and customize on their own, plus it is possible to adjust the amount of nicotine that is delivered with the e-cigarette as well. Combine those advantages with the ability to smoke an e-cigarette in many more locations than a regular tobacco cigarette because it doesn’t emit large quantities of tobacco smoke. It’s quite possible to stand right next to somebody that is smoking and e-cigarette and not know it.

One of the most popular reasons that some people are choosing Electronic cigarettes over tobacco, is as a method to quit smoking altogether. The e-cigarette eliminates several hundred cancer-causing chemicals from the equation by not using tobacco. There still remains the possibility of nicotine addiction, and there is some controversy over the mixture of the juices that are used in E cigarettes. However, it cannot be denied that they are much safer than regular tobacco cigarettes, can be far cheaper than cigarettes, and much more convenient to carry and smoke than regular cigarettes as well.

The one drawback of e-cigarettes is the initial investment. However if you compare the price of the original e-cigarette device, to a carton of cigarettes, you’ll see that there really isn’t much of a comparison, and after the initial investment, continued use of e-cigarettes is much cheaper. Those that learn how to mix their own juices have found that E cigarettes can be far, far cheaper than anything a tobacco company could produce.

If quitting smoking is your objective, and you’ve tried other methods, such as the patch, nicotine gum, hypnotism, and cold turkey, all to no avail, you have very little to lose by giving e-cigarettes a try. It’s very possible that you could at least cut way back on your cancer risk, reduce your nicotine intake, and save money the same time.

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